Sarah Eisman

Hi there, I'm Sarah!  I’m a user experience designer with a background in anthropology and education.  My background helps me understand people’s needs and motivations in the cultural contexts in which they occur.

I have worked as a product designer for startups and design agencies with a diversity of focuses from SaaS, B2B, and social impact initiatives.      

I’m excited about designing for people and solving problems that improve their lives. I draw inspiration from meeting others and hearing their stories. I love learning and for me, the journey has always been the most exciting part.

My experience with the design process began as a Montessori teacher. Our classrooms emphasized the importance of having empathy for others, brainstorming solutions, then implementing, and iterating on those ideas. My interest in the design process led me to take UX design courses at Career Foundry and the Fountain Institute. These experiences refined my skills and encouraged my ambition to work as a UX designer.

I’ve always been passionate about immersing myself in other cultures. My time living abroad has given me the opportunity to see how people’s behaviors change across cultures. Combined with my experiences as an educator, these observations make me uniquely capable of creating UX designs that are responsive to user needs, culturally relevant, and functional.

Skills & Knowledge

  • Design Research
  • Systems Thinking
  • Task Analysis & Journey Maps
  • Information Architecture
  • Sketching | Wireframing | Prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • Interaction & visual design
  • Adobe Xd | Figma | Sketch
  • Invision & Principle
  • Photoshop & Adobe Suite
  • HTML & CSS & basic JS
  • Cross-cultural research
  • Spanish - Bilingual



When I’m not designing, you’ll either find me out in nature climbing mountains, painting bookmarks, cooking, or exploring a new country and meeting new people.