Invoicing Made Easy

UX | UI Design 



Project Context

Company: clevergig -

Company description: clevergig provides ad hoc scheduling software for temp agencies and staffing intermediaries in the Netherlands.  In addition to scheduling, agencies can use the clevergig software for many other things including tracking and approving work logs as well as generating reports. 

Sector: SaaS, B2B

Date: December 2021 - October 2022

Collaboration with: CEO, CTO, CS, & development team

My role:  I was the sole designer on this project.  I was responsible for both the user experience, information architecture, and visuals. 

The Challenge

Based on customer feedback, we learned that using integrations and other external means to invoice their clients and workforce was a significant pain point for agencies.  The data needed to be exported from clevergig to create invoices, which takes time, and has the potential for errors to occur during the process.  The need for an invoicing tool within clevergig was growing for agencies.  It would help them to optimize their work processes and to prevent time loss from error correction. 

How Might We

Integrate a complex billing module that provides a way for agencies to invoice their clients and workforce, without sacrificing the intuitive and seamless flows of the current clevergig software. 

Discover & Ideation

The Process

In-depth research was conducted with customer interviews and market research to determine the mandatory features as well as any constraints.  Once the required features were finalized, I drafted sketches of potential placements for the features within our product to share with customers for feedback. 

After a few rapid sketching and feedback rounds, high-fidelity mockups were created, followed by more customer validation rounds.  We moved forward with an integrated solution that tackles the complexities and deviations of invoicing while maintaining the user-friendly interface that clevergig's clients have come to enjoy.     



Current Status

In the first quarter of 2021, the majority of the new billing module was launched, with additional features being launched continuously. 

Due to the nature of this project, I am not able to show the exact deliverables.  Nevertheless, the new billing module has been adopted by many clevergig customers and is a major selling point to new customers.     

If you would like to know more about the project and my role, please reach out via email.